Tuesday, March 17, 2009

busy with baby quilts

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was busybusy working on sewing baby quilt tops for a couple of weeks. Here are the photos that I promised along with some rambling comments as narration. ; ) All of these quilts are made with flannel.

Here is Baby Boy Quilt top #1. I haven't batted and backed it yet, but then, I don't know anyone who for sure is having a boy, so I am just getting a head start.

I love this pattern! I'm quite sure I will be using it again (and maybe again and again; we'll have to see). I saw a quilt hanging on the wall of our local quilt shop that used this pattern, and recreated it, so I don't know what it's called.

I just love the cute animal and stripe prints and the way the solids set them off, so I had to include a close up photo to show them off. And I actually had enough of every single fabric (though I literally had no leftovers of the animal print) so I did not have to scramble to think of something creative to make this quilt look good.

I love this one! I got the idea for this stripy diamonds and squares quilt from a picture of a quilt in a Joann's sale flier. It came in the mail while I was trying to decide what pattern to make this fabric into, and as I flipped through, I found my inspiration! I did not have as many varieties of fabric to use as they showed in the inspiration quilt, but I am very pleased with my adaptation. I made this for some of our friends who are having a baby girl in April (I think). The mom is a girly girl, and I think she will love it.

This is my second all-the-way finished quilt. The friends who will be getting this one planned their baby girl's room to be in purples, yellows, and light teals with a sea creature theme. I wanted to try to match their theme, but finding a sea print in those colors proved impossible! So I settled for purple gingham, solid yellow, and striped pinks (I couldn't find any teal flannel, light or dark, either). When I got home and looked through my flannel scraps, I was delighted to find some light teal tucked away. I'm pleased with the almost random yet still methodical look I managed to pull off with my bits and pieces of colors.

Little Man decided he did not want to be left out of the quilt photo shoot on this one. ; ) Those colorful quilts spread out on the floor were just too tempting! As you can probably guess, this one is made from the scraps from the first girly quilt pictured above. It ended up being just about the same size as a receiving blanket, but once I finish it, it should be a bit bigger.

This one is also a scrappy quilt. It's about the same size as the quilt above. These are both work ahead quilt tops that I will stash away to wait for happy news from friends. ; )

I made one more baby boy quilt top, but since it was my Happy Accident Quilt, I am giving it its very own post which is coming soon.

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