Tuesday, June 21, 2011

time still marches on...

Once again I find myself being a fits-and-starts blogger. It's not that I have a lack of subject matter, rather I have too much and will be scrambling to get it all documented. Summer (actually more like spring) has finally arrived, and in addition to our normal activities (church events, hanging out with friends and family, laundry, dishes, etc.), we have had extra outdoor activities (trips to the park, yard work, playing outside) and special activities (weddings, upcoming trips, additional doctor appointments and Sweet Pea's arrival nears, out-of-town visitors, etc.). I feel a little breathless just thinking about it all. : )

Here are a few specific activities we have especially enjoyed recently:
~Walking to our local Dairy Queen and sharing sweet treats.
~Playing in the dirt, swinging wildly, riding bikes, and drawing with sidewalk chalk. (I mostly watch these events.)
~Planting a few flowers and vegetables outside (finally!).
~Participating in a dear friend's wedding photos coming soon).
~Signing the boys up for the library's summer reading program.
~Doing extra reading to them and to myself (somehow I can never break my extra-reading-in-the-summer habit that I developed when I was in school and spent the summer doing "fun" reading).
~Playing more music.
~Making boy-art Fathers' Day cards and enjoying new paints.
~Working on Sweet Pea's nursery-nook.
~Staying up later than is good for us sharing fun games and profitable conversation with good friends.
~Napping to make up for the late nights.
~Drinking Barry's Gold Blend Tea with cream.

What summery activities have you been relishing lately?