Saturday, March 31, 2012

a custom calligraphy

Several years ago the siblings teamed up to make a family crest
as a gift to Benjamin's parents.

The oldest brother drew it,
the middle brother decorated it with celtic knotwork
(you can see some of his work here),
and I added the family name and motto in calligraphy.
(In case you wondered, Benjamin is brother number three.)

Longer ago than I want to admit,
Benjamin's mom requested a coordinating calligraphy verse
to display with the family crest.
I finally prioritized finishing it last week.

I am not comfortable with this script,
but am fairly satisfied with how it turned out.
I left plenty of margin because the middle brother
is once again going to add his celtic knotwork.

We hope to be able to surprise her with
the finished art
for Mother's Day.

Perhaps next time we visit
I'll be able to take a photo of the completed work.