Monday, June 18, 2012


noun: extreme pleasure or satisfaction, joy
verb: to take great pleasure or joy

This month I am delighted (ha)
to have the chance to review Dayspring's
I love it!

It is made of a super-sturdy yet flexible material (they call it oilcloth).
The pretty floral print is offset
by sleek and stylish black and white accents.

It has tons of room in the main section,
and several small pockets
so your small stuff doesn't get lost in the bottom.
(Both are essential in a bag for a mama like me.)

I have some baggage when it comes to the verse on it, though.
Did you have "that person" in highschool?
You know, that one with whom things never went well
and who still ends up being problematic
even though you're both supposed to be grown-ups?

Well, my "that person" in highschool
claimed this verse in a rather distorted way,
and ever since then I've had a hard time being encouraged by it.

This week, though, I've been thinking about the word "delight"
in a new-to-me way.
How God is the source of all the delight in my life.
How I truly do desire to delight in Him.
I think I'm beginning to leave some of my baggage behind.

I'm thankful for this tote
in ways beyond having another very pretty bag.
I'm thankful for chance it gave to to think about this verse again
and to be encouraged by it like never before.
If you'd like your own  lovely and encouraging bag to keep or give,
check out Dayspring's June special:
There are pretty oilcloth, jute, and canvas totes--
something for everyone.
Some of them are even on clearance for just $4.99!

Dayspring kindly sent me a tote free of charge in exchange for my review, and all of the opinions I have stated here are my very own.

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