Thursday, June 13, 2013

five months

Baby Boy is five months (and a little more than one week) old!

Right now he...

mama milk
oat cereal
the occasional bite of big people food
(he doesn't want to be left out)
anything: toys, magazines, blankets, hands, etc.
(teething already?)

[first solid food]

in his crib most of the time
4-6 hours at the beginning of the night fairly consistently
better when he rolls himself onto his side or tummy

babbling "talk" when making eye contact
sings himself to sleep often
is loud when he finally gets worked up enough to cry
has a fantastic and contagious belly laugh

rolls around all over the floor
loves toys
(picking them up, examining them, and chewing on them)
can scoot a little bit in an inch-wormy way
is trying to get his knees under himself to crawl
loves to stand (with help) and step and jump
has enjoyed hanging out in the johny-jump-up twice
kicks his legs vigorously in a jumping motion when excited
plays with his toes

being held
toys that make noises when handled
being the center of attention
making other people laugh
(most notably by blowing his food everywhere)

having a wet or messy diaper
being too hot or too cold
not being picked up after making eye contact and cooing
having his toys out of reach