Tuesday, June 25, 2013

weekend art

I ended up having a very artsy weekend.
It was lovely, and I now I want to share what we made.

A very stereotypical "Christina" piece
for my art teacher friend
who requested a larger version
of my little quotation
for hanging in her classroom.

This little piece is also a gift.
This one's going to a fellow blogger/contributor to Made.
The quotation is hers,
and the rendition of Montana dusk is all mine.

The next few pieces were inspired
by the beautiful Beth's (creator of Made)
challenge to make messy art.

"unfinished" set of two coordinating art journal pages
I had some fun using up the paint leftover from my dusky art
to make these two wild pages.

This piece was inspired by the paint left over
from Brother's messy art (see below).

Of course my children had to get in on the painty fun too.
They loved my idea of making paint blobs
and blowing on them through straws to make them spread out.
I really like Little Man's autumnal color scheme here.

Brother tried straw-blown paint blobs
and splatter painting.
Too fun!

Sweet Pea enthusiastically did her own thing
with what appears to be her favorite color: purple.

Benjamin abstained from the messy paint art,
but he did make lots of beautiful music.

This post has been full of Made references
(you'll have to bear with my enthusiasm).


Beth Morey said...

The paint blobs look like ballet dancers, or birds.

Jessy Bradford said...

I love it! You are so creative and it looks like your kiddos are taking after their momma. :)

btw, your "follow by email" works! :)

schullerfamily said...

I started an art journal a while back after seeing yours in your blog (maybe in April??) and it's such a cool idea. Thanks for inspiring me!