Sunday, October 25, 2009

weighty, weighty words

"let not many of you become teachers,"
he said.
teachers fall under stricter judgement

"if any one does not stumble in what he says,
he is a perfect man"
one who is able to control his tongue
is also able to control his whole body.

our tongues are like the bits in horses' mouths
or the rudder in a huge, sea-worthy ship.
they are so small,
yet they set the course.
they affect so much.

however, our tongues are not like horses or ships,
which can be trained or controlled.
the unruly tongue can defile the entire body.
it is fiery and full of evil.

as I ponder, I realize the truth presented.
I grieve to remember times
when my words have been scalding, fiery, evil.
when they have set a course of destruction and death
instead of truth and life.

and I am a teacher.
I teach my sons.
day in,
day out,
they hear my words.
weighty words.

You are the Great Giver of Life.
the Holy One.
the Word.

help me to abide in You.
to be so connected
that my words reflect,
always reflect You,
the Living Word.
help my tongue to be controlled,
to always give life
and never fiery death.

thinking of many connected scriptures today but dwelling on James 3

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stitching under oaks said...

wise, wise words...I add an amen to your prayer. There is such power in our tongues, power for good or evil. May we use them for good.