Thursday, May 20, 2010

i teach

i teach
passing on my craft
of weaving the written notes
into floating melodies

embouchure, diaphragm
fingers, and tongue
moving in harmony
to mold fluid melodies

notes, round and full
notes, sharp and clear
notes, loud and soft
fuse seamless melodies

that linger in the air
then slowly dissipate
until they are gone
thought they aren't really


schullerfamily said...

I haven't had the pleasure of hearing you play yet because I was in the nursery the one morning you led worship. I anticipate finally getting to hear you make beautiful work of your flute!

Handyman Mark said...

Bravo! I love to hear you play your flute and have really been enjoying your play with words in poetry. The investment we made in you as your parents is reaping great dividends. You are a blessing from God and we praise Him for the beauty you contribute to His world by His grace.

With love, Papa