Friday, July 2, 2010

moments and milestones

Here is this week's installment of moments and milestones. I'm having a hard time making it short and sweet as I planned, though, because Little Man says so many cute things!

Brother got his eighth tooth.

Little Man: "What's that noise?"
Me: "That's thunder."
Little Man: "Where is it?"
Me: "'s way up in the sky."
Little Man: "Oh! It's in the tree tops!"
Me: "Well, not exactly."
Little Man "What's it doing?
Me: "Nothing, it just makes noise."
Little Man: "Where is it?"
I guess I should figure out how to explain the concept of sound waves in a way a two-year-old can understand.

Little Man (helping stir the marinading meat): "This looks so good!"
Me (interested to find out what was going on is his mind): "Does it?"
Little Man: "Yes, it looks very raw!"

Benjamin: "What are you up to, [Little Man]?"
Little Man (jubilantly): "I'm up to smuck!"
(What is smuck? I want to know.)

Little Man: "God, thank you for sticks and pictures and bottles and Mom and Dad and [Brother] and amen."

Little Man (to his Daddy): "Shall we pillowfight?"
Benjamin: "Not right now; I need to go to church and practice."
Little Man: "Can I go with you?
Benjamin: "Not this time."
Little Man: "It will make it better."

Brother ate his first apple. He was delighted and enjoyed gnawing away at it. It was so cute to see him holding that big apple in his little hands and chewing on it that I got out my camera to capture the moment. The minute he saw the camera, though, he put down the apple and gave me a big grin.
This one never fails to make me laugh!
He finally couldn't resist the charm of his apple any more, and I was able to capture the photo I had envisioned.

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