Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Date

Last Saturday Benjamin and I asked my mom to babysit and went on a fun date together.

We began by getting breakfast (Frappuccinos and bagels) which we ate outside to take full advantage of the exquisite weather.
Next up was a trip to a local hardware store to look at paint swatches and crown molding for our "new" kitchen. Our top three color combinations are pictured here. We will probably go with the one on the top with green being the main color.
Then we went to the golf course where Benjamin gave me some chipping and putting lessons. I am not a golfer, but after the Saturday lessons, I think I could become one. (As if I didn't have enough expensive hobbies...) : )
Then Benjamin actually played (that's him down there, chipping onto the green).
While he played golf, I played with my camera, took photos, and drove him half crazy with my chatter about about the birds, insects, plants, and turtle I observed.
We even got to hang out and talk uninterrupted in the club house for a while during a quick but dramatic Montana thunder storm.
It was a fabulous date.


Shelly said...

Dates are so important. We try to have one once a month.

BTW, I like the color combo on the left best but that's because my kitchen in our other house is that red color. I'm partial to it. :)

Anonymous said...

BEST SATURDAY MORNING EVER. Until the next one...