Tuesday, November 23, 2010

netbook cover

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to drive to one of the"big cities" that is relatively near us to go shopping for wedding stuff with a dear friend who is getting married this June. Besides getting a lot accomplished (we found many of the supplies she needed in just the right colors and patterns!) we had a great time talking, laughing, and catching up in general. She did most of the shopping while I encouraged, advised, and spotted good things. However, I couldn't be in such marvelous craft and fabric stores without splurging on a few goodies for myself...

See, my new-to-me netbook came with a painfully bright pink case. I've wanted to make a new case for it since I got it, and while I was shopping I spotted a combination of fabrics that I fell in love with even though they're a bit out of my comfort zone. I just knew they would be perfect for my netbook case, so how could I leave them in the store? : )

After reading a few netbook-case-making tutorials (this one and this one gave me some ideas), I came up with my own design.

The zippered bag is padded with a double layer of fusible fleece to protect the laptop inside.

On the front is a roomy pocket complete with a ruffled flap embellished with embroidery and button flowers in which to store my power cord and a USB mouse.

Oh, I just love that black and white print...I almost wish my computer was larger so I could have used more of it! : )

The bag is lined with a fun and quirky owl print that never fails to make me smile.

All right. Enough show and tell for today. I'm off to work on laundry and house cleaning. I have a big rest-of-the week ahead full of cooking and guests, Christmas cards and custom orders. Here's to an immensely profitable day...


stitching under oaks said...

LOVE your new cover....I'm wanting one for my laptop. you've inspired me to try one. But first, I've got to find the perfect fabric combination. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Debi said...

Oh how I love that fabric! Hoping you have a happy Thanksgiving.