Tuesday, July 12, 2011

nursery nook--decorative pillows

Sweet Pea's nursery-nook is so close to being all together and ready for her arrival! I'm very excited. One of my recent additions to it was two fun throw pillows. I love to make throw pillows, and when you're short (like I am) they come in handy for propping behind your back in tall-friendly chairs so that your feet can reach the ground.

The rectangular one is my pretty and practical behind-the-back pillow, while the little round one is just pretty. I'm foreseeing it being used as a toy (wouldn't it make a lovely, squishy ball?) more than as a pillow. I suppose that's one way of being practical as well. : )

I free-handed the rabbit applique on the rectangle pillow. It's based on the rabbit in one of the prints hanging above the chair where the pillows reside. I love how the reds and whites of the applique, buttons, and fabrics look so crisp together.

I'm very pleased with how these pillows turned out. They fit perfectly with the rest of the nook.


The Imperfect Sojourner said...

these are so sweet :)
we have a new real life white bunny - he's like to cuddle up with these cushions I suspect!

Tammie said...

nicely done.