Saturday, July 23, 2011

yard sale show and tell

This morning I had a lot of fun going to a few yard sales and our local farmers' market with Mum. I'm delighted with my finds and thought that I'd like to play show and tell tonight.

vintage olive green lamp (yes, it works!)-estate sale-$1

I fell in love with the graceful olive green base and its delicate white designs but was planning on changing the lamp shade. When I brought it home, though, Benjamin expressed that the part he liked most was the shade, while the base made him think of an old lady casserole dish (not exactly his words, but that was the jist). It makes me laugh how our perceptions and tastes are different. He has very sweetly agreed to have it in his house since I like it so much, and I have decided not to change the shade after all. I love being able to work together!

two vintage frosted glass candle holders-estate sale-5¢ each

blue mug crafted by a local artist-farmers' market-$5
green mug-estate sale-50¢

vintage smuckers canister-estate sale-50¢

(not pictured)
like new Old Navy dress for Sweet Pea-yard sale-$1
soft moccasin shoes for Sweet Pea-yard sale-$1.50
vintage brown pyrex mixing bowl (like this one)-yard sale-$1
set of two tiny shovels and a tiny rake for the boys-yard sale-50¢
head of fresh butter lettuce-farmers' market-$2
chocolate covered cherry cupcakes for the boys-farmers' market-$1.50

total spent-$14.60

I'd say it was a great day for yard sales even though I didn't really find many of the things I've been specifically searching for!


Tammie said...

oh, it was *such* a lovely saling day!

Sarah said...

Can you believe that they used to put jelly in those beautiful jars? We just don't do it the way we used to do we!? Great finds Christina! :)