Monday, September 19, 2011

monday menu

[I have some lovely food photos, but they're on my external hard drive, and I don't feel like getting up. I guess I'll save them for future posts.]

This is a little bit of a crazy week. Little Man's birthday is on Wednesday. Benjamin is leaving for a three-day work conference early Wednesday, and coming back late on Friday. He'll be taking the van and leaving the tiny, not-so-dependable car for me to use in case of emergency. To top it off, my back-up adult interaction (a.k.a. my dear Mum and Papa) are out of town all week. It's a little overwhelming, but if the rest of the week goes as well as this morning's errand-expedition-with-three-children-in-tow went, I'll be just fine.

In light of the upheaval in our schedule, I've planned simple meals this week. I intend to be able to keep on top of things and still be sane when Benjamin returns, but I will have to cut a few corners. Simple meals are a great corner to cut.

M-farmer's market veggie stir fry over rice
T-garlic-fresh tomato-parmesan sauce over pasta
W-macaroni and cheese (Little Man requested a birthday dinner of something with pasta.)
Th-left over chili over baked potatoes and baby carrots
F-grilled cheese sandwiches or pancakes

What culinary adventures are you planning this week?


Tammie said...

Good plan, lady. <3

stitching under oaks said...

hang in there girl....I pray your hands will be more than sufficient for all that comes your way this week.