Tuesday, September 13, 2011

three cuties

It's easy to take good photos
with such a high concentration of cuteness
all in one place!

I mean, look at those little faces;
three adorable cuties
all in one chair!

At least it's easy to take good photos
of the three of them together if you redefine "good photos"
to exclude all looking at the camera at the same time,
all smiling, or lack of blurriness.

I don't mind redefining...


Tammie said...

they make me laugh.

The Imperfect Sojourner said...

they're too cute hun! and sweet pea is growing, she looks so alert and so beautiful! I'm sure you're all very proud, and you should be! you have a lovely family :)

EllensCreativePassage said...

Cute boys and cute little girl, but I must say she looks worried! :) Beautiful kids!

Tammie said...

lol. she does look worried!

stitching under oaks said...

precious. love the last photo where the boys are looking at her sweet little hand.

Debi said...

Beautiful family... I keep trying to get a "good"photo of my three grandsons... What's your secret?