Monday, January 16, 2012

monday menu

Well, I think we have finally settled down into our post-holiday, Narnia-like always-winter-never-Christmas stretch of the year (that's what we get for living in Montana...).  Don't worry, though, we still have Valentine's Day to look forward to, and I have a magnificent stack of projects to prepare for summer vending. : )  On the food front, I'm thankful that everything seems to be returning to normalcy.  Here's what I'm planning to make this week:

M-stew and bread (Seriously, try this bread recipe; it's revolutionary.)
T-linguine and meatballs (I'll make a giant batch of meatballs and freeze the leftovers to use in the future.) with green beans on the side
W-crock pot chili and bread (didn't get to it last week)
Th-sweet-n-sour chicken and rice
F-chicken cacciatore

What are you making this week?


Debi said...

We are having lasagna and crescent rolls tonight, homemade soup (not sure what kind yet) tomorrow and that's as far ahead as I've planned. I just ordered the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes cookbook this weekend, I can't wait til it arrives!

Laura Railing said...

Made home made pasta sauce for the first time. It was amazing. I think I've made the switch! SO good! Used it in a parmesan bake and Josh claimed the whole pan!

Tomorrow, crepes, bacon & eggs with Josh, Dad, Nathan & Andrew (as one of our main last meals together before Nathan leaves :( )

and, hopefully get around to pesto pizza I was going to make.

And, make something with the cilantro lime pulled pork I made (probably just into corn tortillas with salsa & sour cream. mm.)