Tuesday, July 16, 2013

knitting works in progress

I seem to go through stages in my artsy endeavors. Right now I am not in a knitting stage. However, I have a couple of works in progress that I thought I'd share. If nothing else, this will bring them to my mind one of these days when I'm just sitting around wondering what to do. Ha.

Okay, so this scarf is actually done, but I'm working on a grey and black one just like it. (I also have made a green one for myself.) I couldn't help jumping on the absurdly ruffly scarf bandwagon
even though they're so popular as to be cliche. It's just so fun to see the specialty yarn turn into extravagant ruffles! Plus they knit up so quickly and easily, making for great gifts. This one went to one of my pink-loving girlfriends.

These fingerless gloves were supposed to be my Mum's Mother's Day gift. I became daunted when Sweet Pea pulled one of the needles out, and I had to pick up the stitches and try to figure how how to fix the pattern, so they're still not done. This is the first time I've used such small needles and sock-weight yarn. I'm loving it, but it's slower going than I'm used to. Maybe I'll finish in time for her birthday. Or maybe Christmas...

Now I feel like knitting. This is good. :)


Raise Them Up said...

That scarf is so neat looking! I really like it! I don't think I've ever seen yarn like that. Once again, you impress me with your many talents!

Jen Price said...

I haven't been in a knitting mood for a while. Your works in progress look great!