Thursday, January 26, 2012


Early this year I came across MCP Project 12, a photo challenge with one theme each month.  I am excited to participate because I've been interested in doing something like this for a while, but most challenges like this seem to have weekly or daily assignments, which I just can't do at this point in my life.  One a month is just perfect, though.  January's theme is "resolution."
the act or an instance of resolving

The boys practiced good conflict resolution by
deciding to share the coveted coloring book.

the condition or quality of being resolute; firmness or determination

I made the resolution to finish all the the sewing projects
that I have already cut out before beginning any new ones.

The progression of a dissonant tone or chord to a consonant tone or chord.

Baroque music tends to have distinctive resolutions.

Monday, January 16, 2012

monday menu

Well, I think we have finally settled down into our post-holiday, Narnia-like always-winter-never-Christmas stretch of the year (that's what we get for living in Montana...).  Don't worry, though, we still have Valentine's Day to look forward to, and I have a magnificent stack of projects to prepare for summer vending. : )  On the food front, I'm thankful that everything seems to be returning to normalcy.  Here's what I'm planning to make this week:

M-stew and bread (Seriously, try this bread recipe; it's revolutionary.)
T-linguine and meatballs (I'll make a giant batch of meatballs and freeze the leftovers to use in the future.) with green beans on the side
W-crock pot chili and bread (didn't get to it last week)
Th-sweet-n-sour chicken and rice
F-chicken cacciatore

What are you making this week?

Friday, January 13, 2012


Right before Christmas I received an order
for a wedding gift for Erica and Joe.

I was able to finish and mail it off before the end of the year.
I hope the both the giver and the recipient will enjoy it!

(By the way, encouraged by the success of this, my best-selling piece, another custom love calligraphy is in the works.  I'm so excited!  It will be available for order soonish.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

five months

Last Saturday was my Sweet Pea's five month birthday.
She brings us all so much delight;
we are so enjoying watching her grow and develop.

Right now Sweet Pea...

seems to be teething
is not being the good sleeper she was before the teething began
still likes to be swaddled while sleeping
has decided that around 4 a.m. is an excellent time to play
eats apple sauce (she loves it)
and has tried sweet potatoes (still trying to figure that one out)
is having an easier time adjusting to eating from a spoon
than her brothers did
sits in a booster chair with us at dinner time

loves sitting up in her Bumbo chair, observing the world
is pretty much obsessed with her toes
is getting much more finesse and control over her limbs
can pick up light toys with ease
likes to examine her swing and booster seat buckles
is fascinated with rattles
loves tags
can roll from her stomach to her back (tummy time is history)
and from her back to her side
has tried playing the piano with Daddy
listens intently to music
tries to get her hands on any cell phones or iPods she sees

sometimes talks in this funny, gargly voice
has distinctly said "Ma-ma" more than once
as well as "Da-eeee"
and something that sure sounds like Little Man's name
lights up when her brothers come into sight
loves it when Brother hugs her
finds Little Man's antics positively hilarious
is still my sweet snuggler

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

upcycled heart crayons

We got new crayons for the boys for Christmas.

It was time
since their old ones were mostly broken and icky.
I didn't want to just throw them away, though,
so we upcycled.

First we (okay, mostly I) peeled them all.

Tip: If you slit the crayon paper with a paring knife,
you will save your fingers much pain.

(Unless, of course, the knife slips and you cut yourself...that would be painful.
I didn't have any problems,
but if you use my tip and have to get stitches I'm not liable, okay?)

Then we separated the crayons into color families,
broke/cut the crayons into little pieces,
and put them into this heart-shaped ice cube tray from Ikea
that I picked up for a few cents at our local Bargain Basement.

I improvised a double boiler type thing by
putting water into a frying pan,
placed three spoons in it (to lift the mold off the bottom of the pan),
set the mold on top of the spoons,
and heated the water on low.

Nothing like working with what you have on hand. ; )

Then we let the crayons melt, melt, melt.
When the wax was molten,
I took the mold out of the water
and popped it into the fridge
until the wax was cool and solid again.

Then we popped our new marbled heart crayons out of the mold,
and I compulsively took photos for the blog.

Last of all
we sat down and made some art.

Monday, January 9, 2012

monday menu

[Brother's clementine segments, all lined up]

Here's what I'm planning to make this week:

M-macaroni-and-cheese with leftover, diced ham, broccoli
T-tacos (I'm going to try making my own refried beans this time! It doesn't look like it'll be too hard.)
W-grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
Th-twice baked potatoes stuffed with ham, cheese, and broccoli (no recipe here; I'm just winging it)
F-crock pot chili and bread

What are you making this week?

Sunday, January 8, 2012