Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Snow

Last night and this morning we had a delightful spring snowstorm. The air was warm (at least for having snow) and the large and fluffy flakes drifted slowly down. It was beautiful.

Little Man thoroughly enjoyed going out to "help" his grandma shovel snow and came in nearly covered from head-to-toe from toppling (his word). I did the proper mom thing and made hot chocolate to help him warm up when he came in.

In spite of the four or five inches we got, the sun is shining now, and the streets are already almost dry. It's beautiful too.


Tammie said...

you came out and i didn't even see you?

must be blind or something. ;)

Christina said...

Lol...something like that. You were way over under the pine tree, and I was near the porch using my zoom. Oh, and I didn't greet you. : )