Tuesday, April 20, 2010

eight months

Brother's eighth month birthday slipped by without me even noticing! Suddenly I realized three days after the fact that he was eight months old and that neither the baby book nor the blog were updated and there had been no eight month photoshoot.

Right now Brother is:

scooting around exploring all the rooms in our house
eating, eating, and eating
picking up and eating small pieces of finger food
finding and eating treasures on the floor
enjoying being outside and exploring the yard
eating grass and leaves
playing with Little Man and following at a fast scoot as he runs around
trying to eat Little Man's toys
waving "hi"
pulling up into a standing position on the dishwasher
chewing on the silverware he pulls out of the dishwasher
sitting up all by himself
taking baths in the big tub
saying "ma-ma" more frequently
rattling off long strings of adorable yet unintelligible communications
being a sweet snuggler when tired or unwell
sleeping longer and longer stretches through the night

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