Wednesday, August 18, 2010

25 years

On the tenth of this month my parents (pictured above) celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Twenty-five years of marriage is something special, so I decided to organize a celebratory open house on the 14th in their honor.

I was thankful that we were able to use the kitchen and large, open area of the church my dad pastors for the party. It was a simple, though lovely event.

I made my first two-tiered cake for the party. It was a chocolate cake with sugarpaste frosting and ganache glaze ornamented with rose petals and chocolate hearts.

We used real silverware, glass plates and cups, and cloth napkins and table cloths.

The decorations were simply elegant red roses in white bud vases on each table.

I am so thankful for my parents and am glad I was able to honor them and their extra-special anniversary.

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Debi said...

You are such a thoughtful daughter. The cake is beautiful, I love the hearts on the top. PS...You look like your mom!