Monday, August 2, 2010

July Trip-Family

I can't believe that I still haven't updated about our trip to Salt Lake a little more than two weeks ago. Even though it was quite a quick trip, a whole lot happened, so I'll be breaking this post down into a few sections.

I'll start with what is perhaps the most important part: family. Benjamin's parents live in the Salt Lake area, so we always stay with them in their large and welcoming house. This trip was extra special, though, because Benjamin's oldest brother, his wife, and daughter were able to make the long drive from Arizona as well. It was so nice to see them. In addition my parents came down to attend Benjamin's graduation too. It was full and lively house! Here is an assortment of just a few of my favorite photos.

My pretty princess niece.
(She alternated between Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.)

The cousins were practically inseparable.
Nonna and Grandpa Bruce and so many fun things planned for them
among which were play-doh playing...

reading library books...
(no one escaped the reading duties,
and when all the grown-ups were worn out from reading,
the little ones did it themselves.)

and playing in the little pool and sprinkler.
They also did fireworks,
visited a historic farm, fed ducks, blew bubbles,
and played with the croquet and badminton equipment.

No wonder Little Man said in a recent conversation with his Nonna:
"Your house was fun!"

Benjamin very much enjoyed the treat of playing golf
with his brother and dad.
This photo is of him opening his birthday/graduation gift from me:
a new sand wedge.

Our sister-in-law made Benjamin a beautifully detailed guitar cake.
I enjoyed observing the process and (of course) taking lots of photos!
There were so many special moments; these few photos hardly do them justice.

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