Monday, August 2, 2010

July Trip-Bed and Breakfast

Another extra-special treat we had on this last trip to Utah was an overnight stay in the Inn on the Hill, a charming Bed and Breakfast in a beautifully renovated over-100-year-old house. The boys stayed with their grandparents, and we fully enjoyed being able to finish complete sentences and be just two grown-ups together.

Just a couple of blocks away from the Bed and Breakfast is the architecturally lovely Utah capitol building. I had never been there before, so we walked up to look around. Since we were visiting on a weekend, there were very few people around, and we both enjoyed taking photos and wandering around the large, echoing rooms and halls that were open to the public. I think I could have spent several hours there playing with my photography.

[The marble columns and staircases under the arching roof were marvelous.]

[my love]

[Beautiful script from a framed letter written early in Utah's statehood.]

After our trip to the Capitol, we walked back to the Inn, did a little bit of shopping, and ate dinner in a funky basement Sushi restaurant. It was a dining experience that was most definitely out of my comfort zone, but I found it to be delicious.

[me, striking a pose back at the grounds of the Bed and Breakfast]

[fountain in the Bed and Breakfast's garden]

When we returned from dinner, we sat on the balcony, enjoying the warm summer air and watching the sun set over the Oquirrh mountains. It was simply wonderful.

Breakfast in the morning was coffee, bacon, and delicious waffles smothered in fresh berry syrup and whipped cream. It was really wonderful to spend time with Benjamin away from the hurry and stress of everyday life.

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Sarah said...

I had a friend who got married in the rotunda of the capitol. It was a military wedding (though we learned that non-military couples can also get married there) and was gorgeous!! I can't believe you haven't gone there before though.