Friday, August 20, 2010

moments and milestones

This week's moments and milestones post will highlight Brother's new haircut. I don't like the expense of getting a beautician to cut our little boys' hair, so I cut it myself. Usually I just give them buzz cuts with our clippers. However, much to my surprise and delight, part of the way through Brother's haircut, it actually looked a bit like a decent taper cut. I'm more than a little glad that not all of his beautiful hair is gone.

Brother had beautiful brown curls before his haircut.
I was so sad to cut them off, but he really was starting to look like a girl...

Trim, trim, trim.
Brother had dramatic mood swings during the haircut process.
First he was okay with it.
Then he was most definitely not okay and wanted Daddy to rescue him.
Finally he calmed down enough to eat a graham cracker
and actually smiled for the camera.

After his haircut.
What a big boy!

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