Thursday, December 15, 2011

ever grateful

Each month the lovely folks at Dayspring offer what they call (in)spired deals along with the opportunity for bloggers to sign up to receive a free product to review. Last month I signed up, and I received the lovely Ever Grateful Apron to review. The deadline for submitting my review was right in the middle of my vacation, and as I mentioned before, I thought that I'd have all the time in the world to blog while travelling which ended up being a false hope. So the deadline came and went, and my neglected little review languished in my drafts.

The ever grateful apron is truly beautiful. It has such fun, feminine details--scallops, ruffles, and cute prints--as well as the encouraging message "ever blessed, ever grateful" embroidered on it. Plus it's comfortable. I have enjoyed wearing it as I work in my kitchen. Though this apron was inspired by the holiday of Thanksgiving in the month of November, the reminder of God's great blessings and my opportunity to worship Him through gratitude is certainly applicable all year long!

In fact, what better time of year to dwell on gratitude than at Christmas time, when we contemplate God's love, coming down to live among us in the form of the baby Jesus? It was the greatest sacrifice, the greatest proof of love of all.

(This month's (in)spired deals focus on that love.)

This Christmas, in the middle of the whirl of holiday festivities, I want to always remember the root of the whole celebration: gratitude for God's magnificent Gift.

(By the way, all of the stuff in this post is my own opinion; nobody's forcing me to say anything.) : )