Thursday, December 8, 2011

four months

Yesterday was my little Sweet Pea's four month birthday!
I simultaneously dread and love writing these child-update posts.
I love documenting where they are, the new things they're doing.
I dread trying squish their lovely and charming,
many-faceted personalities into words.

Right now Sweet Pea...

has promoted from sleeping in her cradle to her crib in the Nook
lies in bed peacefully watching her mobile until she falls asleep
is beginning to have definite morning and afternoon naps
still likes to be swaddled to sleep
makes happy noises when she hears me coming to get her up
"launches" herself into being picked up by arching her back,
flailing her arms, and kicking her legs
is staying awake for longer periods of time

likes playing with a variety of toys
gets bored if she's in one position or playing with one toy too long
thinks it's hilarious when Little Man jumps
holds up her head with great stability
enjoys sitting up to play and look around
loves to stand with help
discovered and plays with her toes
is fascinated by studying hands
delights Brother by holding onto his fingers

still loves music
has been waking up at about 6 for the past few mornings and singing
has a sweet clear singing voice
(which is different than her talking voice)
as well as a funny little Louis Armstrong impression voice
has a charming dimple in her left cheek
loves to cuddle
hangs on tightly when held upright against someone's shoulder
has a way of charming us all

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A Mommy's World said...

She is SO beautiful! It's hard to believe she is four months old already!