Tuesday, December 13, 2011

sibling, child, and family portraits

Yes, we covered a lot of ground very quickly in this hour session--we had to because it was cold, and the little ones would not have stood for much dawdling. This was my first photo session for people whom I had never met before stepping out of my car, camera in hand, to take their photos. It was, well, good but different than anything I've ever experienced.

Two sisters asked their mom to purchase photo sessions for them for their Christmas gifts, and then they were planning on using some of the photos to give the their mom as her gift. Pretty clever. They heard about me from a mutual friend. The following are a few of my favorite photos:

The older sister and her two adorable little ones.

I have to confess that I favor photographing little boys.
They're unpredictable and uninhibited,
they have such energy and zest for life,
and they usually have some excellent, creative ideas
of photos they would like for me to take.
They never fail to make me smile.

Little girls are fun too,
but I don't have as much experience photographing them yet...

The younger sister, her fiance, and their little son.


all three little ones


Sarah said...

Love the little boy holding his cowboy hat and the girl peeking over the fence. You take great photos!

Laura Railing said...

I have found lately that the shorter sessions are better for me because it's easier to come up with ideas snap snap snap with the cold. Sometimes longer sessions are nice too, but lately I'm favoring shorter!

Beautiful creative pictures!