Tuesday, April 3, 2012

mostly vintage flannel baby quilt

The quilt top is pieced from an assortment of sweet yellow, turquoise blue, and pink vintage baby prints, a vintage turquoise blue solid, and a contemporary yellow solid.  It's all super-soft, snugly flannel.

The backing is a charming pink and green plaid flannel that I bought at my local quilt store. (I will cry if they ever go out of business.)

The quilting is a new free motion pattern that I came up with after spotting this pretty ring on Pinterest. (You never know when inspiration will strike.) It turned out well enough that I'm eager to try it again, but not so well that I'm bored.

The completed quilt is really and truly as unsquare as my picture makes it look.  Ooops.  The colors are charming and the design is nice, though.  Plus the mama-to-be who received it loved it.  All of that considered, I think it would be pretty silly to stress about the edges not being perfect, so I won't.

(Please forgive the funky formatting on this post; I'm having nightmarish troubles with Blogger and layout today. Ugh.)

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Tammie said...

btw, the formatting turned out fine for me.

the quilt is sooo beautiful, and i'm happy that it found a happy home where it will be loved. <3