Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Introduction of Sorts

Well, this is my momentous first blog post. I’ve been wanting to have my very own blog for a while but have felt rather daunted by the thought and have always had plenty to do with my extra time. However, I had a couple of hours this evening to get started while I was hanging out with my husband who was recording in the basement and thought I’d give it a go.

As the title suggests, this is a blog to journal my life as a homemaker. I look forward to being able to talk about and display some of my projects, discuss some of the excitement of being a mother and wife, and have somewhere to just have fun polishing up my writing skills about whatever I feel like writing about. I suspect that it will contain quite a gallimaufry of subjects.

In this blog, I hope to keep friends updated and amused by my adventures. I also hope to find some readers currently outside of my friends and family. I would like to encourage other homemakers in their chosen vocation and even provide a few laughs when appropriate. Hopefully I’ll even be able to convince some skeptics that some people, at least, can be happy and fulfilled as a homemaker/stay at home mom and be quite different from the unfortunate stereotype of either a bon-bon eating, cheap romance reading, lazy, wimp lolling around home all day while her husband labors at his chosen career; or a brow-beaten, uneducated, harried wife trying to care for unruly children while her husband is off enjoying himself. Perhaps that language is a bit strong. However, I hope that I fit in neither category (even remotely).

I am thrilled to be living my dream of being a wife and mother, and I love my job. It is so fulfilling.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to writing more!

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Gabreial said...

Hi there!

Gabreial here from Vintage Indie, just letting you know you won the book Blogging for Bliss. I need your mailing address so I can get that out to you.