Sunday, February 22, 2009

Joys of Parenthood!

Little Man has been growing so much lately! He is becoming quite a "big boy" and is developing more personality and skills all the time. Here are some of the cute things he has been up to lately.

He sees Grandpa and Daddy carrying firewood and has decided that he wants to be like them. He loves moving around little logs, making stacks and handing them to us. He has started proclaiming himself to be "BIG!"

He also loves to help in the kitchen. Here he is helping me make banana muffins. I enjoyed giving him a little spoon to help stir with while I stirred in the big one.

He also loves carrying around shoes. Especially our boots. Today he brought me quite a pile of them. When we went on our trip, I found a small wodden nut from his toy tool set in one of my boots, and Ben found a foam letter "A" from a puzzle in his!

We are having so much fun watching him grow and change and communicate with us on a deeper level.