Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Men want man's work too

Recently Little Man has had a fascination with firewood. As you may recall from a semi-recent post, he has been delighting in carrying around small logs in imitation Daddy and Grandpa. The last few trips to our back porch/car port have had him all excited about the wood pile and the axe (yikes!). Thankfully the axe is too heavy for him to lift yet, but he tried to lift it for all he’s worth!

Yesterday Benjamin took Little Man outside and allowed him to safely help chop a few small pieces of firewood. Little Man seemed almost ready to burst with pride at his grown up job, and was more than slightly grieved when we decided it was time to come back inside.

I’m looking forward to the growing joys and challenges of keeping our Little Man busy and stimulated mentally, spiritually, and physically. And I’m thankful to know where to go for more wisdom when my small supply runs low!

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