Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bright Spots

Flowers from Benjamin. There are none outside, but he brightened my day by giving me some for inside. They are South African Sun Stars and are perennial bulbs. I hope I can help them bloom again. They are orange and came in a purple basket. I love orange and purple together. He knows me well. I'm thankful for him!


summer said...

oh, so sweet & beautiful!
you have one thoughtful guy. how fun.
Christina, thank you so much for reading/commenting on my blog. It makes me feel so good to get feedback!

ps. the best sides that i've come up with for quesadillas are fresh fruit & chips with salsa!

kristena marie said...

Great shirts! And congratulations on your halfway-there mark too! :) These shirts will be great even after the baby comes, I'm sure. :)

stitching under oaks said...

Oh, those are beautiful...I've never seen those before. What a sweet husband.