Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have a dear friend who lives in Oregon. Our birthdays are only three days apart, and we have been friends since before we could walk. We have so many sweet memories of our growing-up years. She was even able to come and be the maid of honor for my wedding.
Well, last Saturday (my actual birthday) I was taking some trash out late in the evening when I found a package on my side doorstep. It was a thoughtful package from my dear friend.

A sweet card, magnetic notepads, lightly scented green candles, homemade biscotti in a special "i love cookies bag, Good Earth Chai tea, a giant bar of chocolate...all packaged in a charming tin. She managed to include some of my favorite things. It reminded me just how delightful being friends can be--not because of the things (as nice as they are) but because of the thought and care that she put into it all to let me know she cares about me.


Tammie said...

what a beautiful expression of love.

friends like that are a treasure.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift :)

I have been trying to think of things to include in a special "thank you" basket for a friend but since we're relatively "new friend" I don't really know a lot of what she likes!