Tuesday, February 16, 2010

six months

Yesterday was Brother's six month "birthday." I can't believe my littlest guy is already half a year old! Time has been going by all too quickly, and I'm stuck trying to enjoy moments that are here and gone at lightning speed; the cooing and giggles, the new skills and achievements, the cuddly moments and smiles.

Brother's new accomplishments include but are not limited to:
~Saying "ma-ma" or calling Little Man when he is sad.
~Eating carrot puree (he's tried other things, but carrots seem to be his favorite).
~Reaching for toys.
~Chewing on them once he has them.
~Spinning in circles when he's on his tummy.
~Getting into a push up position and holding it in an attempt to crawl.
~Rolling across the room to get where he wants to go.
~Being fascinated by textures and sounds.
~Dealing with teething (his first tooth came in last week!)
~Wanting to wrestle with his Daddy and brother.
~Graduating from sitting in the Bumbo chair to sitting propped up by the Boppy pillow.
~Sitting up in the grocery cart instead of reclining in his car seat.
~Wearing a tie for the first time.
~And standing holding onto someone's fingers.

I am enjoying each stage as it comes and goes and am eager to see where the next month takes us.


Larissa said...

Happy six month Birthday to your little guy! yeah on sitting up. and he'll be writing valentine's before you know it - in fact i wish i had a blog when my guys were little so that i could remember half the things they did and when. good for you for documenting this now - you will be so glad you did. Did you eat 1/2 a cake?

summer said...

what a fun stage! oh. and his little tie.. how super cute is he?

schullerfamily said...

Love, love, love the tie. What a little man he is :)