Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my brother-in-law's Christmas gift

I am excited that since we are celebrating Christmas with Benjamin's family this week, I'm able to start sharing some of the exciting projects that are making up our (almost) completely handmade Christmas.

I'll admit that when I drew Benjamin's oldest brother's name I was a little dismayed. He tends to be rather opinionated as well as difficult to predict as far as his tastes go. Plus I'm just much better at thinking of and making girly gifts. : ) After corresponding with him, though, I was excited to discover that he had his eye on a $98 newsboy hat that I was quite sure I could imitate.

I was disappointed that I simply could not find an eight-paneled pattern and had to make do with one that only had six panels (I'm too new at this hat business to attempt making my own pattern yet). I was, however, delighted to find beautiful (and inexpensive!) vintage wool suit coats that I cleaned, cut apart, pressed, and used for this hat.

Here's hoping that he likes it as much as I do... : )


Debi said...

The hat turned out great! I'm sure your b-i-l will love it... and don't be surprised if the other males in the family put in a request!

Laura Railing said...

wow! very nice!! I might have to commission you to make me a hat because newsboy is my very favorite style.

stitching under oaks said...

he's going to love did a fabulous job. check, check another gift done!

Emily Real said...

Christina, I love the hat!! I may be ordering one from you (I've been wanting a handmade hat, but haven't committed to one in the few places I've seen them). So, how did all the family respond? Did they love the handmade gifts? I know I would have!