Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I think that just-for-fun, no-particular-occasion gifts may be my favorite. For example, last weekend Benjamin surprised me by bringing home a sunny, yellow bush of lovely mums for me. I loved them; they cheered me as I enjoyed their beauty. Plus they made me smile as I reminisced about the very first bouquet he ever gave me which included sunny yellow mums.

I have recently received several other no-particular-occasion gifts. I have been enjoying and am very thankful for each of them.

My Mum gave me a new green tea pot (complete with a loose-leaf tea strainer!) to replace my old, stained, lidless one (the lid broke quite a long time ago). Its clean lines and cheery color make me smile as does the tasty tea that steeps inside of it.

This teapot was a college creation of a friend. Apparently, it's actually something of a joke in response to her pottery teacher telling her that her work was too generic. : ) When she was reunited with it in my presence and was not sure what on earth she wanted to do with it, I offered to take it off of her hands. I love how quirky and unique the clever textures, colors, and patterns make it.

This antique printer's drawer is from my mother-in-law. A while ago I stumbled across an Etsy shop featuring printer's drawers turned into wall-mounted jewelry organizers. I absolutely loved the idea and embraced it as something that would be ideal for my growing (and disorganized) collection of earrings. The price tag, however, didn't fit my budget, so I posted a plea on Facebook for my friends to keep a look out for an inexpensive printer's drawer for me only to find out that my mother-in-law had one in storage that she was willing to give to me! It is in beautiful condition, and I can't wait to mount the little hooks in it and see my earrings in it!

I am so thankful, way beyond my thankfulness for these gifts, for the friendships behind them. After all, what makes gifts truly meaningful is the lovely reminder of the people who gave them.

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Tammie said...

:) nice post. lovely photos. <3