Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yesterday Brother turned two. How time flies! He got a few special treats: a trip to our local bookstore and a new book he chose himself, a tiny happy birthday mylar balloon from Grandma, cards in the mail, and a piece of store bought carrot cake (I'm not, after all, Super-Mom) for our tiny, family celebration. We'll have an official celebration late, but for now what we did was just right: special yet not overwhelming.

Right now Brother...

just learned to turn somersaults
loves to jump
(off of raised surfaces as well as just bouncing on the floor)
is pushing (and learning) the limits of his crazy climbing skills
can swing in the big swings and go down the little slides at the park
can throw balls very far
enjoys pillow fights

loves to color--especially with markers
is left handed
is developing a decided preference for his favorite play-doh toys
cooks up all sorts of "food" with the kitchen toys
(the other day it was soup, and this morning it was pizza)
builds towers with blocks but prefers the toy animals
loves to "fix" things with his tools
can make impressive car sound effects
is figuring out the workings of simple puzzles

loves to strum the guitar and play notes on the piano
sings and hums throughout the day
has a few recognizable songs
is putting words into more sentences and phrases all the time
parrots all sorts of things we say
is very careful with his pronunciation
has begun having little conversations on the phone

helps unload the dishwasher
helps measure and mix when I bake
opens the wipe box and throws away diapers at the right times
is learning to put away toys
is learning self-control (no hitting, screaming, pinching, etc.)
is getting better at staying in his big boy bed
adores his blankets and stuffed puppies
is generous with hugs, kisses, and cuddles (to family, at least)

He is growing so quickly and is so full of life and personality that these words seem so bland and flat. Part of me wants to freeze time to enjoy this stage for longer (and perhaps that's what the words are for, bland though they may be), but the future is too exciting to freeze it permanently.

Brother, you bring us so much joy. I can't wait to see how you continue to grow! Happy Birthday.

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Tammie said...

the tears well up in my eyes.