Tuesday, January 10, 2012

upcycled heart crayons

We got new crayons for the boys for Christmas.

It was time
since their old ones were mostly broken and icky.
I didn't want to just throw them away, though,
so we upcycled.

First we (okay, mostly I) peeled them all.

Tip: If you slit the crayon paper with a paring knife,
you will save your fingers much pain.

(Unless, of course, the knife slips and you cut yourself...that would be painful.
I didn't have any problems,
but if you use my tip and have to get stitches I'm not liable, okay?)

Then we separated the crayons into color families,
broke/cut the crayons into little pieces,
and put them into this heart-shaped ice cube tray from Ikea
that I picked up for a few cents at our local Bargain Basement.

I improvised a double boiler type thing by
putting water into a frying pan,
placed three spoons in it (to lift the mold off the bottom of the pan),
set the mold on top of the spoons,
and heated the water on low.

Nothing like working with what you have on hand. ; )

Then we let the crayons melt, melt, melt.
When the wax was molten,
I took the mold out of the water
and popped it into the fridge
until the wax was cool and solid again.

Then we popped our new marbled heart crayons out of the mold,
and I compulsively took photos for the blog.

Last of all
we sat down and made some art.


Sarah said...

Love it!!

Debi said...

What a neat idea to recycle the crayons! I bought a huge tin of crayons at a yard sale and about a third of them were broken and battered. I'll be on the lookout for a cool shaped ice cube tray for sure! Thanks for sharing.

Tammie said...


stitching under oaks said...

wow! I may have to make these just for blog fodder! They are awesome. What fun little chubby crayons for your little guys hands. Wouldn't they make great valentines? You color my world...Happy Valentines Day!
Love these! Hope your new year is off to a great start! Happy Days to you!

Carla said...

love crayon art! I have seen something like that on Pinterest! Prettyyyy