Friday, July 20, 2012

red white and blue

Once again I'm too late to actually link up

Maybe next time?

This month's challenge was to interpret red, white, and blue.
I didn't want to lump
all three lovely colors into one piece of art,
so I made three.
(No wonder I'm running late!)

"Painters use red like spice."
~Derek Jarman

(Here's hoping that my red splotches
look more like paint and spice than gore.)

 "The first of all single colors is white...
We shall set down white for the representative of light,
without which no color can be seen;
yellow for the earth;
green for water;
blue for air;
red for fire;
and black for total darkness."
~Leonardo Da Vinci

The quotation made me think of a prism--
a beam of white light fragmenting into every hue.

"Once in a blue moon."
~ colloquial expression

I need to find some sort of paper
that will not curl when I watercolor on it
yet not make my calligraphy ink bleed.
Any suggestions?

linking up with Jennifer's Sneak Peek Friday.


Tammie said...

<3 beautiful.

Beverley Baird said...

All 3 are beautiful pieces!

Margo@Legacy of a Single Girl said...

These are great. All different and all beautiful!

Carol Benedetto Ward said...

The traditional way to keep watercolor paper from curling when you wet it is to tape all 4 sides down to a board! Leave until painted area is dry and then just zip the tape off.

Love your items! Just found you thru Pinterest!

Cindy said...

These are each beautiful - I just love the way watercolors look...I need to pick them up more often!


Anna said...

These are great pieces! I think my fav is the red one. I've never been able to link up with the color challenge so a pat on the back for you for getting the art done anyhoo! Visiting from studio JRU

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

These are all beautiful, Christina! I love that you still worked on the challenge, even though you couldn't link up. A wonderful interpretation of the colors! Wish I could help with you paper curling problem. I don't use watercolors much. I wonder if maybe a plain piece of paper on the top overnight might bring out some of the water? I know I do that with prints while the ink is drying. It leaves the plain paper wavy while the printed page nice. :)

Anonymous said...

Love these, especially the moon :)

Larissa said...

You are quite the artist, C! These are wonderful. So glad you are able to find a bit of time to nourish your creative side. have a wonderful week!

Beth Morey said...

These are all gorgeous! I especially love how in Red the red paint is splotched everywhere. A delicious mess!