Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The last couple of weeks were a whirl
of spontaneous travel plans,
fighting the flu,
packing and organizing,
and travel.

For the first half of last week we went camping
in Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Park.
We left home at 6:40 on Sunday morning
so that we could go to church with friends who live two hours away
before making our way into the park.
I drove the fully-packed van
while Benjamin enjoyed the trip from his motorcycle.

Little Man was fascinated by the geothermal features
and had a million questions and observations
about what we got to see.
Brother was just excited to be in a "bow-ca-no" (volcano).
And Sweet Pea was pretty much unimpressed.

We set up camp near the lovely Lewis Lake
and were relived that the temperatures didn't dip below freezing
(Tent camping in mid-September at almost 8,000 feet elevation
is a risky business.)
The boys slept like little camping pros
even though we were serenaded
by elk bugling all through the night.
(What a crazy-fabulous experience that was!)

The autumn colors in the foreground of the majestic Tetons
were truly spectacular.
Little Man said that his favorite part was
"the beauty all around."

It was by far the best camping trip we've ever had,
and the time we spent as a family was truly refreshing.

We returned home on Tuesday evening
just in time to do a little laundry and pack up again.
My parents watched all three children
while I accompanied Ben to the "big city" of Billings
where he had a work conference while I relaxed.
We left on Wednesday morning
and returned Friday evening.
I didn't take any photos, but the highlights include
going shopping all by myself,
Hobby Lobby,
a massage and pedicure (my first ever!),
Benjamin winning a Kindle Fire,
and fillet mignon.

It was a wonderful, wild week,
but I am quite happy to be home again,
settling into my semblance of routine.
I'm even almost caught up on the laundry.
: )


Tammie said...

i love these photos. every one. <3

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Sounds wonderful and what gorgeous, pretty, fantastic scenery!!! :)