Wednesday, January 16, 2013

very hungry caterpillar

has been among all three of my older children's favorite books.
So when I saw this adorable idea
for embellishing baby clothes with button caterpillars,
I immediately knew that some day I would adapt the idea
to make a Very Hungry Caterpillar shirt.
 A few days ago I eagerly seized a spare fifteen minutes or so,
collected a white onesie we already owned
along with a few buttons and some embroidery floss,
and whipped out a cute little shirt for my baby boy.

 He doesn't seem to have much of an opinion,
but his big brothers think it's a pretty awesome shirt,
and I think he looks beyond adorable in it.

Of course, I'm just a little bit biased...


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh he is beyond adorable! :)

Tammie said...

Cute shirt. Adorable children. ;)

Debi said...

Such a cute idea... thanks for sharing!

Larissa said...

super-cute tee!
Congratulations on your gorgeous new babe! You have a beautiful family.