Friday, February 22, 2013

orange marmalade

In a recent Bountiful Basket order,
we received a bag of Seville oranges,
which it turns out,
are sour and seedy
and not good to just eat.

They are, however,
excellent for making orange marmalade
due to the high pectin content in their many seeds
and the usual high sugar content in the marmalade.

I don't particularly like orange marmalade,
but it's a great favorite with my mum and my Little Man.
So I set out on a work of love: making orange marmalade for them.

I used a clear and helpful recipe I found online
and experienced lovely results.
(I've never made jam without a box of pectin before!)
I even ate a little of it,
though most of it has been reserved
for the true orange marmalade fans.


Sarah said...

I'm not a fan either, but my husband is. Your marmalade looks great :)! What do you put on top of your jars? Just screw tops? S

Tammie said...

Beautiful and delicious!

Christina said...

Usually I use lids and bands like these and process them in a hot water bath to seal them:

But this time I was in a hurry and just put some Press-n-Seal wrap on the tops and stuck them in the freezer.

Christina said...

Oops. This is the real link for the press-n-seal. : )