Saturday, February 16, 2013

preschool and valentines

[first day of preschool]

 This month there was an unexpected opening
in one of our local preschools.
One of my friends is on the board of directors
and was able to offer us the opportunity
to start Little Man mid-semester.

He began  last Monday
and was so excited,
that it was impossible not to catch his enthusiasm.
We are, however,
facing a bit of a learning curve
as we work on fitting our schedule around it.
Preschool has yet to become part of our routine.
It'll happen.

I was excited that he got to start before Valentine's Day
so that we could make some of the cool valentines
that I have been pinning.

We selected these simple yet unique
guitar lollipops from Zakka Life.
(I'm so, so thankful for the nice people
who provide awesome free printables.)

Little Man was able to do most of the work himself,
cutting and assembling like a pro
with just a little help.

They turned out fantastic!

Sadly, we had a break down in communication,
and in spite of his excitement to share them with his friends,
his awesome valentines came back home again in his backpack.
I almost cried (hey, yesterday was just an emotional day).
But in a quick call to his teacher,
I got the okay to try again Monday,
so it's all good.

I also free-handed some simple valentine hearts
for Little Man's teachers.
He colored some of the details and signed his name.
These did get delivered yesterday. : )

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Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

aww... he is so sweet. love the valentine guitar pops! glad to hear you will be able to share them again! beautiful hearts too! :)