Saturday, April 6, 2013

three months

My Baby Boy is already three months old!

Right now he...

mama milk on demand

in his crib at night
only wakes up once or twice most nights
in his swing or crib for naps
for long stretches in the car when we go on trips
with his hands clasped together
or holding tightly to a blanket

snorts (a lot) and fusses when upset
"talks" in his crib for 15-20 minutes every morning before wanting to eat
grunts when trying to accomplish something new
sometimes hums along with the music

is trying to scoot during tummy time
(really, it's more like launching himself onto his nose--so frustrating)
tries to stand when I prop him in the corner of the couch
belly laughs when tickled or having his feet "clapped" together
has began awkwardly grasping objects he has focused on
(usually my face or the couch pillows)
sits in the Bumbo seat for a few minutes
has suddenly started drooling and spitting up a lot
makes eye contact, reaches up, and arches his back
when he wants to be picked up

being picked up
eye contact
being tickled
listening to music
bath time
studying objects with lots of light and dark contrast
being the center of attention

not being picked up when he wants to be
having a wet diaper or soggy clothes
being left in tummy time too long
not being able to stand up
falling off the couch due to trying to stand
Sweet Pea sitting on him
(Yes, both happened. Yes, I was mortified.
And yes, we all survived.)

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Tammie said...

aww. He's so darling! I love the photos, and the summary of his milestones is charming.