Tuesday, May 28, 2013

it's finally getting warm in Montana

I've been refilling our popsicle molds almost every sunny day.
They're quick and easy, frosty-refreshing,
the kids are convinced they're a magnificent treat,
and since I use 100% fruit, they're nutirtious too!
What's not to love?
[Apple Cherry, Mellon Blackberry, and Mango]

I just fill the molds with whatever fruit juice I have on hand
or blend up a little bit of fresh fruit with my stick blender.
And sometimes I'll add a few frozen berries for variety.


Tammie said...

Beautiful and delicious!

Unknown said...

I wish summer would arrive soon here in England, spring never did! It's been the coldest spring for 50 years. Hopfuly soon I'll be blowing the dust of our ice lolly makers!
from Emily x

Beth Morey said...


schullerfamily said...

I am so excited to buy some new molds- mine got lost somewhere in the shuffle. Yours look too pretty to eat!