Monday, September 13, 2010

more calligraphy stuff

I have a love/hate thing with custom projects. On the one hand, I love that people like my work enough to ask for something special, and I like making something that delights them. I also enjoy being able to creatively make something from an idea I didn't originally dream up; it broadens my perspective and give me fuel for future ideas. On the other hand, I hate how I always end up worrying that even though I've put all this work into it and maybe even bared my soul a little bit, they might not like it.

I completed my latest custom calligraphy project last week. It is for a friend from church who asked to have Zephaniah 3:17 calligraphied (is that even a word?) in an ornate script. She wanted it to be a short and wide calligraphy so that she can have a custom frame built for it and hang in a specific place in her kitchen. The above photo is of the finished text. I was happy and relieved when she liked it and even felt a little embarrassed (in a good way) when she went on and on about how perfect it is. : )

My other calligraphy news of the week is that I finally found a perfect home for my pens and ink in a wooden box that Mum recently handed down to me. It has all these lovely little compartments that are just the right sizes for my supplies. I love it

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Larissa said...

Beautiful work! I never cease to be amazed by all your talents. Your jeans bibs are adorable and super hip and I love the photos of you playing the flute - how cool are you! Happy belated Birthday to both your little guys.