Friday, September 24, 2010

not what I had planned

on Wednesday our washing machine broke
flooding 2/3-3/4 of our basement

and so we have spent
quite a lot of time since then
getting the basement dry
rescuing things and
cleaning up

yet I'm thankful

thankful, very thankful
that it was clean water
(not sewage)

thankful that our area rug
soaked up much water
that would have done more damage
if it had been unchecked

thankful that all of Benjamin's musical instruments
were out of harm's way

thankful that my wedding dress dried out

thankful that Benjamin
dropped his evening's activities
to run home and help me

thankful that dinner wasn't
too badly overcooked

thankful that we'll be able
to use my parents' washing machine
that would otherwise have sat in storage
while they are transitioning

On a much happier note:

Benjamin installed
the last of the cabinets
last night!

I'm so excited to be
finding new homes
for my kitchen things today

unpacking, organizing,
making it mine

(more on that soon)

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