Tuesday, September 7, 2010

recent calligraphy

I have recently completed a couple of calligraphy projects and thought I'd show and tell. The first is a late birthday gift for a friend who is in the process of redecorating her kitchen in a coffee and coffee cup theme. I love how this little 5x7 piece turned out and hope she does too!
I think I will trade out the silver frame for a black one before I give it to her, though.

I loved drawing all the little cups and using my imagination to fill in unique details on each one!

My second recent calligraphy was another of my "Love Never Fails" calligraphies for a childhood friend who recently got married. I'm looking forward to getting it in the mail to her and her husband soon.
The only changes I made were the names (of course), the type of paper I used, and any small inconsistencies that are to be expected in hand made art.
The paper was a slightly translucent piece of almost-vellum that I found (I don't even remember where or when) and tucked away thinking it would be great for calligraphy. It proved to be a lovely writing surface just as I had hoped. I layered it over a royal blue scrapbook paper with off white patterns that just show through the top paper. I love the effect.

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keri beth said...

i love these! they are really great :)