Sunday, October 26, 2008

She does him good and not evil
All the days of her life.
Proverbs 31:12

Last week I did a Bible study on Abigail. A women’s group from church that I’m part of does a Bible study more or less once a month. We’re using a book called Life Principals from the Women of the Bible book two. It has been such a blessing to study and learn more about various women who God used, whether they were willing to be used by Him or not.

This month's study on Abigail touched me in a special way. Abigail was a woman who looked out for the best interests of a wicked, foolish, and drunken husband named Nabal. I have to think that she was relying on God for wisdom and strength to deal with the awful situation she found herself in since she acted in such a noble and beautiful way. She was not only externally beautiful, but she was also wise, poised, diplomatic, decisive, just, and worthy of the confidence of her servants (and of her husband, though he did not apparently value her). In short, she did her husband good and not evil even though he was not worthy of her being that for him. Wow.

I am simultaneously excited and humbled by her example! I am excited because if God could help Abigail to do right in her horrible marriage, I know He can help me do right in my marriage to a wonderful (though human), Christian man. I am humbled because I see that too often I give in to irritation, sometimes over something as silly as being “rubbed the wrong way," so to speak. I don’t always access God’s grace to do right, to always do my husband good. May God help me overcome those temptations!

I’m so thankful for my dear husband. I love him so much and am entering this week with a new resolve to always do him good and not evil, thanks to Abigail’s lovely example and God’s loving work in my life.


Tammie said...

God will surely help.

Raise Them Up said...

A wonderful study! There is so much honor and class about Abigail. To think that she acted so noble when her husband was so unworthy sure makes the case that it is our responsibility before God--no matter how much or little our husband fulfills his part of the deal. Thanks for the reminder!

I agree, though. It helps a lot when you have a loving husband!