Friday, October 31, 2008

tired tidbits

i have had an extremely profitable day. unfortunately, I'm so tired. and my communication skills are more than seriously lacking. hopefully this will be clearer than pea soup. ; )

i have almost all of our laundry done for the week. the sixth load is in the washing machine, and the fifth one is in the drier. all the clean laundry is folded and put away. it's almost a miracle for that to happen the same day it all got washed, but my mom helped. i also organized my closet, which was a rather large undertaking this time. i went through the clothes in my closet and dresser and my husband's and dresser and decided which things needed to be kept, which needed to be thrown away, and which needed to go the the local thrift store. i am so grateful as i realized that i have grown in the ability to make decisions quickly. maybe it's because of growing up. maybe it's mom-hood. maybe it's a bit of both. ; )

this evening we went over to my parents' house for lunch. after dinner my dad, husband, and another man from church went into the basement where they cut up four sheep that had been given to them and us by a local sheep rancher. i'm really thankful for God's provision of the quantity and quality of specialty meat at very little cost to us (the only cost being the smelly and messy job of cutting it and packaging it). i sure can handle that. ; ) tomorrow i'm planning of finishing cleaning it, grinding some, and packaging it all for the freezer.

speaking of God's provision of meat, my husband went hunting this morning and was able to bring home a nice deer. i'm sorry if i'm grossing anyone out. hunting is kind of an integral part of montana life, and i'm afraid that i forget how shocking it can be. it really is a tremendous way to save on the grocery budget, though. ; )

i was able to IM with one of my best friends in brazil while i was at my parents' house. while my brain was not formulating portuguese thoughts very well tonight, it was so good to catch up with her.

i am glad that tomorrow is a new day. and i'm very thankful that God gives His beloved sleep...

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